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Better Educational Outcomes for Every Learner

Transforming Learning Journeys

EdScreening Classroom, a research informed and expert-endorsed tool, empowers educators by providing comprehensive strategies and insights to support every student. Based on the latest research, our tool simplifies the identification of students' unique learning needs, offering educators access to cutting-edge academic research and targeted support strategies.

"Between 25% and 40% of school students in Australia have additional educational needs, translating to 1.6 million students." Dr. Geraldine Townend, University of New South Wales, 2023

This statistic underscores the crucial need for tailored support to cater to individual learning needs.

Pioneering Educational Software

Our proprietary Access to Learning (a2l) software solution is designed to enhance the educational journey of all students, including in areas of giftedness and twice-exceptional (2e) learners, neurodiversity, and specific learning disorders.

Our simple online solution enables educators to apply comprehensive, expert-endorsed learning strategies effectively and efficiently to support students everywhere, including students in regional and remote areas, and those from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Empower Educators for Better Outcomes

EdScreening Classroom enhances educational outcomes and student engagement by providing educators and schools with essential insights and offers practical strategies and classroom practices that are tailored to individual learning needs.

  • Efficient Educator Tools: immediate online assessment and customised strategies to enhance student performance, engagement and wellbeing.
  • Inclusive Learning Support: adaptable resources for a range of diverse learners, including twice-exceptional (2e) students, and students with common learning disabilities and specific learning disorders.
  • Streamlined Assessments: Time-saving tools for educators, offering immediate access to expert guidance.
  • Expert-Approved: endorsed by experts and educational research, and based on the latest studies.

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Recent articles in News.com.au and abc.net.au underscore the urgent need for effective tools like ours, particularly for equity groups.