Learning differences and giftedness screening

Better education outcomes

EdScreening uses evidence based and research backed approach to screen children in multiple areas to get the best insights for their optimal learning such as giftedness and disabilities that affect learning.

Complete our questionnaire and you will receive actionable recommendations and next steps towards better educational outcomes.

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Do you have a child experiencing difficulties at school?

We provide a learning differences and giftedness educational screening program for all children aged 4-18 years

Evidence-based questionnaire screening for strengths, challenges and obstacles to learning such (learning differences, ADHD, ASD, giftedness, central auditory processing disorder, intellectual disability, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, etc. etc.) in one tool.

This does not provide a diagnosis, but it does provide a clear pathway for next-steps, and who to go to for a diagnosis or rule out certain possibilities.

Our purpose

If you think a child is not developing their optimal outcomes or struggling at school, or has difficulties with learning, it can be overwhelming for teachers and parents as there are many different avenues to explore – with considerable costs involved.

Instead of taking an ad hoc approach by sitting on long waiting lists and going to many experts in the first instance, we provide a cost effective and holistic overview for parents and teachers with recommendations.

EdScreening uses evidence (research) based learning differences and giftedness screener providing parents and teachers with an accessible first-step screening. Providing them with an overview of possible avenues to explore and recommended next steps towards a correct diagnosis and/or learning support that they need.