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Endorsed by education experts

“I work with so many parents and teachers who want answers and are trying to get information or, at the very least, find out where to start looking. I think this screener is a great support to help with initial insights and provide supportive interim strategies for our children. It’s research-based which gives me confidence and I personally know of many people that would benefit from it.”

Geraldine Townend

Dr Geraldine Townend, Gifted Education Research, UNSW

Help your child thrive

Here’s how it works:

You answer a 20-minute online questionnaire on behalf of your child.

Afterward, you receive an individualised profile of your child’s educational strengths and difficulties, as well as any potential disorders / disabilities / neurodiversities by which they might be impacted.

You also get helpful suggestions and strategies that can help you and your child’s school team create a more conducive learning environment for them.

Teaching neurodivergent kids

“This unique, user-friendly , research- based screener will be a great help to parents who are struggling to understand their child’s challenges in school, and for teachers who want some insights to help support students.”

Trevor Clark

Dr Trevor Clark, Director of Research, Autism Australia

Understanding Your Child

EdScreening takes a comprehensive approach to evaluating and identifying your child’s unique learning abilities. That’s why our assessment tool effectively screens for multiple learning differences in one accessible and affordable way.

EdScreening screening in progress

The EdScreening Process and Report

EdScreening combines leading-edge educational research with the latest technology, to provide you with an accurate, individualised report on your child’s educational needs, strengths, and challenges. This allows you to immediately start them on a new educational path!

The report will providing a clear, expert-endorsed pathway forward with supportive strategies for home and school, as well as insights as to which next steps to take to get further support for your child.

Get Started

One parent’s story

“We spent years taking our daughter to speech pathologists and other specialists trying to find solutions to learning difficulties. Thousands of dollars later, we had made no progress.”

By chance, we came across Dr. Geraldine Townend and her team at UNSW, who helped us in the process of diagnosing as ‘Twice Exceptionality.’ We found out that our daughter was of high intelligence but with learning issues around spelling that gave her high anxiety.

They provided us with simple, teacher-friendly strategies that were quick and easy to implement. Within three months, our daughter went from the bottom of the class to thriving and getting great results!

It was such a relief for us to have the proper support and strategies offered and see our daughter happily learning again. ”

Help your child thrive

The EdScreening assessment was created with the help of some of the world’s top educational researchers. In mere minutes, parents and teachers are provided with a comprehensive report to help them get started.

So, what are you waiting for?

EdScreening acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.