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With a simple 20-minute test, EdScreening assesses your child’s strengths and needs and provides strategies to help them thrive.

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EdScreening is an evidence-based, scientific approach, screening children’s learning styles, unique challenges, and strengths, so you can better help guide their learning.

  • Answer a 20-minute questionnaire on behalf of your child
  • Get back a profile of your child’s learning strengths and challenges
  • Receive suggestions and strategies to help your child thrive
Teaching kids with learning differences

“The screening helped explain some of our son’s behaviors, gave us great information to share with his teachers, and has enabled us to help him do much better at school.”

Mitra Gusheh

Mitra Gusheh, Social Impact Practitioner

Understanding Your Child

EdScreening provides a comprehensive screening across many learning differences such as:

  • Giftedness
  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum (AS / ASD)
  • Specific learning disorders (SLDs)
  • Twice-exceptional (2e) / Gifted Learners with Disability (GLD)
  • And more

The EdScreening Report

Our report provides specific strategies immediately helpful in supporting your child. It also gives tailored recommendations to help guide your child, with their learning differences, along the best learning path.

EdScreening screening in progress

One parent’s story

“We spent years taking our daughter to speech pathologists and other specialists trying to find solutions to learning difficulties. Thousands of dollars later, we had made no progress. One teacher marked her as being ‘low intelligence’.”

“By chance, we came across Dr. Geraldine Townend and her team, who assessed her as ‘Twice Exceptional.’ We found out that our daughter was of high intelligence but with learning issues around spelling that gave her high anxiety.”

“They provided us with simple, teacher-friendly strategies that were quick and easy to implement. Within three months, our daughter went from the bottom of the class to thriving and getting great results!”

“It was such a relief for us to have the proper support and strategies offered and see our daughter happily learning again.”

Help you child thrive

We created EdScreening with some of the world’s top education researchers to help parents and teachers understand learner’s needs and help them thrive.

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