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Transform Learning, Transform Lives

Empower every child to thrive – in and beyond the classroom.

Revolutionising education with expert, tailored strategies available to all children with diverse learning needs.

Is Your Child Struggling at School?

Uncover the hidden potential in every child. EdScreening identifies and addresses diverse learning needs, ensuring no child is left behind.

Children Learning with a teacher

Revolutionising Learning with EdScreening

Our pioneering a2l software approach bridges educational gaps, offering hope and new opportunities to children, especially those in remote and rural communities.

Comprehensive Support for Every Learning Journey

Our comprehensive, expert-endorsed approach extends beyond classrooms, empowering students, teachers, and families. Together, we navigate and overcome learning challenges and achieve better educational outcomes and wellbeing for children everywhere.

Teaching neurodivergent kids

“This unique, user-friendly, research- based screener will be a great help to parents who are struggling to understand their child’s challenges in school, and for teachers who want some insights to help support students.”

Trevor Clark

Dr Trevor Clark, Director of Research, Autism Australia

Tailored Solutions for Every Educational Need

From individual schools to large districts, EdScreening’s a2l software adapts to diverse environments, enhancing learning and fostering inclusive education.

EdScreening screening in progress

Endorsed by education experts

“I work with so many parents and teachers who want answers and are trying to get information or, at the very least, find out where to start looking. I think this screener is a great support to help with initial insights and provide supportive interim strategies for our children. It’s research-based which gives me confidence and I personally know of many people that would benefit from it.”

Geraldine Townend

Dr Geraldine Townend, Gifted Education Research, UNSW

Help your child thrive

EdScreening acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.