About EdScreening Products


Enhance student engagement, educational outcomes and wellbeing with essential insights and research-based strategies for teachers.


  • Immediate, support for diverse learning needs in the classroom.

  • Offering a comprehensive approach with simple in-class assessments.

  • Backed by research and endorsed by experts.

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Our comprehensive, expert approach provides insights to better understand and support your child's learning.


  • Classroom strategies tailored to to your child's unique way of learning.

  • Proven strategies to improve educational outcomes and wellbeing.

  • Created by education experts, designed to help children thrive.

Be the catalyst for change in your child’s education today.


A critical step towards closing the educational gap for all Australians.


  • Immediate, expert-endorsed support available to every Australian student, and in every classroom.

  • Pioneering approach to diverse learning needs, improved student outcomes and wellbeing.

  • Easy, equitable access regardless of location or SES contexts.

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