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Is Your Child Struggling at School?

“I work with so many parents and teachers who want answers and are trying to get information or, at the very least, find out where to start looking. I think this screener is a great support to help with initial insights and provide supportive interim strategies for our children. It’s research-based which gives me confidence and I personally know of many people that would benefit from it.” Dr Geraldine Townend, Gifted Education Research, UNSW

Better Understanding Your Child’s Learning

Every parent and carer wants to see their child thrive in school. However, the reality of the traditional schooling system can make it difficult for children with learning differences to respond to one-size-fits -all classroom strategies. Figures vary, but expert research suggests that between 25% and upward to 40% of school students in Australia are diverse learners with additional educational needs.

At EdScreening, we believe that a learning difference shouldn’t be treated as a setback to a child’s academic journey. Instead, diverse needs should be catered to - what’s missing are the right tools and strategies to help!

Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

Access to Learning’s (a2l) proprietary software provides an online, first-step approach to identify common exceptionalities, disorders and disabilities that impact learning.

Endorsed by Education Experts

Our comprehensive online tool has been developed in collaboration with and endorsed by some of Australia’s leading educational experts, including in areas of giftedness and twice-exceptional (2e) learners, neurodiversity, and specific learning disorders, including for example, dyslexia.

EdScreening Family

EdScreening Family has been developed by educational experts specifically for parents and carers and provides immediate strategies for support at home, and a framework for next steps, to help you better understand and support your child's learning, both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Parent-Friendly Methods: easy-to-use online assessment and strategies for caregivers.
  • Tailored for Your Child: expert advice specific to your child's needs.
  • Expert-Designed: developed by top educational specialists.
  • Instant Outcomes: immediate results. Get strategies to help your child’s learning today - no waitlists!

Start a New Path to Empowering Your Child's Learning Journey - Available Now!

Unlock Free Access! Is your child's school already part of the EdScreening Classroom program? Great news! You can access EdScreening Family for free. Simply ask your school for details.

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“When it takes so long to get any expert help for a struggling child through the currently available (medical) channels, this tool is a lifesaver and offers so much hope!” AC (Parent)

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