Developing Daily Routines at Home

Developing a daily routine can help us feel more in control and help us make sure we make room for everything that is important.

Developing Daily Routines at Home

It can aid mental health and help us form healthy habits in the long-term so that our we, and our children, thrive in their daily activities. Remember when they were babies and ‘a routine’ was so important.

Routines help form boundaries that save parent’s time and help children feel safe. Stress levels reduce for everyone.

Having daily habits helps to organise your time during the day because you're following a specific pattern of activities. ... hence, being able to appropriately allocate time to them is very important.

Screen time has been limited as far as possible to just when learning requires it or as a short ‘reward’ activity later in the day.

Following are some examples of daily routines to support home learning and home life. Adjust yours to suit your family and your work-life. Note that the ‘traditional learning’ is done in the morning and then other activities become more evident as the day progresses. These are just ideas – you can mix them up to make something that works for your family. Get children to decorate the schedule. Maybe change them a little each week.

Daily routine for child 1Daily routine for child 2