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EdScreening for Schools

One in Three Students in The Average Classroom, or An Estimated 1.6 Million Australian School Students, Have A Learning Difference

At EdScreening, our mission is to help children with learning differences achieve their full potential. We've partnered with leading education experts in Australia to develop accessible online screening tools for educators and parents, aimed at providing a new, comprehensive approach to childhood learning differences.

Our teacher screeners were created to provide schools with easy access to the latest academic and expert research, knowledge, and targeted support, allowing the benefits to be passed on to students who need it most, in the classroom. With our new teacher screener tools, educators can quickly and easily apply comprehensive, expert-endorsed learning strategies.

EdScreening's Products for Teachers and Schools

Our educational screeners offer teachers and educators a simple yet effective way to access highly effective, evidence-based learning strategies for students with learning differences. Through a 20-minute online questionnaire, the program gains a better understanding of each student's unique learning style, and identifies potential strengths and barriers to their progress. Based on this data, EdScreening develops detailed, evidence-based learning strategies tailored to the student's needs, helping educators better support their students and optimise their learning outcomes.

Our screeners are research-based, and all of the learning support strategies provided are evidenced-based and developed with the help of some of Australia’s leading education experts and academics in the area of learning differences. EdScreening's teacher screeners can be used by all teachers and educators, and not just learning support specialists, to better support their students' learning in the classroom.

EdScreening’s online, educational teachers screeners are quick, easy, and able to provide schools with accurate and effective learning support strategies for students with learning differences. The reports are tailored to individual learning needs, and can save teachers countless hours by providing immediate, effective, evidence-based learning support strategies for all learners, even those with very complex learning needs.

Additional Reports for Parents and Carers

EdScreening also offers products specifically designed for parents and carers, providing a more in-depth exploration of a student's learning strengths and needs. In addition to proven learning support strategies, parent reports include detailed information about their child's learning profile, including early indicators for specific learning differences such as giftedness and twice-exceptional (2e) learners, ADHD, autism, and specific learning disorders like dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dysgraphia.

Subscriptions for Schools and Other Options for Teachers

We offer subscriptions for schools and other education or support services. For individual teachers, we also offer one-off purchase options for teacher screeners via our website, for those whose schools have not yet joined our subscription program.

If you'd like to learn more about our subscription program for schools or have any questions or concerns about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us