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We all want our children to achieve and thrive at school. However, every single person learns differently from their peers. Perhaps your child struggles in a specific subject or with a particular set of concepts? Whatever their unique educational needs, overcoming them starts with a deep understanding of how they learn.

EdScreening comprehensive neurodiversity screening

“Students who are gifted and have a learning disability (GLD) may not be identified, in part because of disagreement regarding appropriate identification criteria.”

The Identification of Students Who Are Gifted and Have a Learning Disability: A Comparison of Different Diagnostic Criteria

Danika L. S. Maddocks, The Gifted Child Quarterly, 62(2), 175-192, 2018

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At EdScreening, we want to see children thrive, and we know the best way to accomplish that is to give support and guidance to parents and teachers who can help make that happen. Take control of your child’s future today.