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How EdScreening Can Help

We all want our children to achieve and thrive at school. However, every single person learns differently from their peers. Perhaps your child struggles in a specific subject or with a particular set of concepts? Whatever their unique educational needs, overcoming them starts with a deep understanding of how they learn.

Too many parents spend years bouncing from doctor to therapist, therapist to specialist wanting to help their child. This can be a long and expensive journey and, in the meantime, does not alleviate the anxiety and frustration the child deals with every day at school.

EdScreening provides a different solution. We’ve developed a comprehensive educational screening that combines potential learning barriers into one evaluation. Initially, rather than waiting to see specialist after specialist, we can point you in the right direction about, for example, what might be going on with your child, what type of specialists to see, and with practical strategies for home and school to support your child’s educational outcomes - all in just 20 minutes!

EdScreening comprehensive neurodiversity screening

An EdScreening report gives parents and educators an in-depth view into how their child learns by highlighting any potential neurodiversity or barriers to learning. This is the first and most important step towards understanding (and meeting) your child’s unique learning needs. We’ll also provide you with a list of some of the best options and next steps to take to support your child on their journey to educational success.

“Students who are gifted and have a learning disability (GLD) may not be identified, in part because of disagreement regarding appropriate identification criteria.”

The Identification of Students Who Are Gifted and Have a Learning Disability: A Comparison of Different Diagnostic Criteria

Danika L. S. Maddocks, The Gifted Child Quarterly, 62(2), 175-192, 2018

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What EdScreening Screens For?

The EdScreening questionnaire is a research-based assessment that screens for a variety of conditions that may impact learning, including Autism, (what was formerly known as Asperger’s syndrome), ADHD, dyslexia, and so on.

EdScreening neurodiversity subtypes screened for

After the assessment is completed, EdScreening provides a clear, easy-to-understand repor offering you and your child’s teacher in-depth insight into your child’s unique learning needs. But that’s only the beginning. We also provide teachers and parents with practical ideas and strategies that they can include in the child’s curriculum.

At EdScreening, we want to see children thrive, and we know the best way to accomplish that is to give support and guidance to parents and teachers who can help make that happen. Take control of your child’s future today.