Mother helping daughter to read

EdScreening FAQs

What is the purpose of the EdScreener?

The EdScreener (including its report) is not intended to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat, or alleviate any disease or disorder, or to compensate for any injury or disability, or to investigate, replace or modify the anatomy or physiological process.

It is intended only as a learning tool to support individual’s potential learning differences that might impact their functioning at school.

We aim to assist with individual learning needs and to provide evidence-based strategies to support learning and wellbeing. Where issues warranting additional investigation and intervention are possible, we recommend further assessment by a suitably qualified healthcare professional for diagnosis and more targeted support.

Does my child need a Screener?

Although we aim to assist with the early identification of individual learning needs and provide evidence-based strategies to support learning and well-being, it is common to question whether there really is cause for concern, or whether things should be investigated more deeply.

If you’d like to know if a Screener questionnaire is something you should consider for your child, answer the following questions.

  1. Does this child experience challenges with learning in certain (or all) areas?
  2. Do they find it difficult to focus or concentrate?
  3. Does this child struggle to manage their emotions?
  4. Do they struggle to make or keep friends?
  5. Does this child seem inflexible, such as rigid in thinking or disliking changes in routine?
  6. Does this child have difficulties with reading or spelling?
  7. Do they have difficulties with numbers?
  8. Does this child resist writing or appear to have very messy handwriting?
  9. Does this child seem to learn faster than others?
  10. Have you observed or been told that they are advanced in certain areas compared to age peers, such as in reading or maths?

If two or more answers are a ‘yes’, then completing our online Screener might be beneficial. You can access our Screening options here

How do you perform the screening?

To screen a child's learning needs, simply complete our 20-minute online questionnaire in your own time, and at your own pace. Once completed, you'll receive a personalised report instantly, with comprehensive, evidence-based strategies that you can begin to use immediately to support your child's learning at home and in the classroom. Our school screeners are designed to be completed quickly by busy teachers, and all reports can be easily downloaded or printed.